YOGA -- pick your poison

Vinyasa -- Core Flow -- Meditative Yin -- Bikram

I used to really dislike yoga. Holding positions felt uncomfortable and my tight joints complained with every movement. As I began to dive deeply into my dance training however, I found myself in need of something strengthening, good for the joints, and helpful for the mind. As I began to return to yoga, actually tried to breathe along with the poses (I had always been defiant of being told when to breathe), I saw some truly astonishing changes in how I move and, more importantly, how I feel. After climbing through some of life's many obstacles and having yoga as a safe place to come back to I decide to get certified to teach so I could not only spread my appreciation for this beautiful practice but also further, deepen, expand my knowledge of my body and yoga itself. 

As I have not yet finished my certification, I can not tell you definitively what my favorite styles are to teach; however, my favorites to do myself are hot bikram, vinyasa flow, and yin. Yin is especially close to my heart as I did some of it while a member of the Phantom Regiment Drum & Bugle Corps, an organization I love dearly and is to thank for my achievements as a dancer and most likely the development of my love for yoga. Hot Bikram is, as it sounds, a form of hot yoga. Each class is the same every time, consisting of 26 poses including two breathing sequences. The room is heated to around 108 degrees Fahrenheit with 40% humidity. It is QUITE the workout! Nothing feels quite the same, though, as getting a lavender cooling towel placed on your face after 90 minutes of sweating your booty off. I love it.  

In progress... Check back for explanations of Vinyasa, Core Flow, and Meditative Yin!

MORE TO COME! Check back in later~