From left to right: Olivia Gatwood, Joaquina Mertz, MJ Lozada-Oliva for their Alternate Universe Tour 2018

From left to right: Olivia Gatwood, Joaquina Mertz, MJ Lozada-Oliva for their Alternate Universe Tour 2018

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When I started Holy Smoke Photography, my intention was merely to create things that I wanted to see.  Now, after numerous hours of trail and error as well as many adventures I feel unbelievably lucky to have been a part of, I believe the heart of portrait photography is in authentic representation. When I take a photo of someone, I do not want mimicry or facades. My goal is to show you not only in your best light, but as the human you want to be. I want to capture the complete and unequivocal you; every element combining to create a piece that is timeless and yet a unique snapshot of a time in your life.

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When I photograph, I still feel a bit like a magician. As if what I am doing shouldn't quite be possible. To further this mystical quality, I offer "special edits,"  which alter reality for the sake of mood or composition. 

Holy Smoke Photography does a great deal of promotional portraits for musicians. I have found a tribe with musicians. My love of music has been unwavering since I found rock n roll at age 11. Since then, I spent all of high school visually accompanying musicians by being a part of a color guard. I suppose a band nerd was instilled in my heart at that point as I haven’t been able to kick the comfort of being around music and the people that create it.

When working with artists, I focus on both staying true to the brand I see presented with previous work (if applicable) and finding the heart of the brand which is with artists, the heart of the person. It is in us what we hope to become and my main focus is to present my client with evidence of the person they would like to be. I would like to show you that you are absolutely enough, that in you is the storm you dream of. We can change the world if we decide we can.

In this way, I work with my clients to tap into their story, their passions, their quirks, and come forward with a presentation that is both comfortable and totally uncomfortable. I want to help scratch the itch that is identity and help people see the identity they would like to present.

I am constantly captivated by what it is possible to create with a camera and at least two humans. So much of what I do is a means of connection. For more info on the specifics of the photo shoot packages I offer, see my shoot details page or go ahead and send me a message at my contact page to book a shoot!

This merely touches the surface of what Holy Smoke Photography has to offer. I also do shooting for live concerts, black & white portraiture, cityscape, album covers, concept shots, wildlife, and much more. Don't know if I do what you're looking for? Check out my contact page for how to get in touch with me and book a shoot today ~