Glam squad

I am a fervent believer in the power of collaboration and community. As such, I have found a team that I am humbled to work with. Meet the Glam Squad, a dynamic duo hair and makeup team that not only elevates your look but pampers your confidence in preparation for stepping in front of the lens. We have learned how intimidating it can be in front of a camera, and our team’s main goal is to help you feel like the badass you are, ready to embrace your power so your images capture not only who you are in this moment, but who you strive to be in the future. Learn more about the team below …

Sammy x HS Tour Promo-6 (1).jpg

Sammy Singleton - mua

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Ashley Melanson / Abode Beauty Bar - hair

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Below are a sampling of the Glam Squad’s work. For more info or samples, email us through our contact page!

Claire Gohst Edit-17.jpg

In frame: Paper Citizen (musician)

Much of my work is promotional portraits for musicians. With such work Sammy and Ashley make sure to keep the artist’s brand in the forefront of their focus as they collaborate in building looks.

In frame: Neia Jane (musician)

One of my personal favorites, this look was for the music video “Auburn Cemetery” by Neia Jane. Sammy and Ashley built this look from a combination of 1920’s glam, splashes of Victorian influence, and a touch of 80’s grunge.

Find the music video here:

In frame: Dafne St. Hilaire (model/architect)

This is one of many frames captured for Abode Beauty Bar’s catalog of looks. This shoot involved 7 models, hair, makeup, styling, and 9 hours of shooting.
This shoot was styled by Chloe O’brien